Finding The Happy Medium

How many times have you heard someone say, "I am working out, but I am not losing any weight or seeing any results"? There are usually three explanations: not working out often enough or hard enough, diet needs improvement and/or you have hit a Read More

Happy Healthy Holidays

The holidays are usually synonymous with an abundance of eating and a lack of exercise. I want to encourage you to start this New Year on the right foot. The holidays are a time for celebration and family, not to put on weight or focus on losing Read More

What is a Health Coach?

If you are thinking “what the heck is a health coach?” you aren’t alone! As new trends pop up in the health and fitness field it is hard to understand what each one offers. A Health Coach, also referred to as a Wellness Coach, is a supportive Read More

How To Stop Mindless Eating

It sounds simple right? Just stop snacking. But learning how to discern between boredom and hunger can be a struggle. If you ever find yourself standing at the refrigerator, wondering just how you ended up there, these tips will help you build new Read More

Want to Know What 200 Calories Looks Like?

You’ve probably heard that 200 calories is about right for a snack, but finding something that comes in at or just under that number isn’t always easy. Unless a food comes with a handy nutrition label, knowing how many calories one serving can have Read More