Want to Know What 200 Calories Looks Like?

200 caloriesYou’ve probably heard that 200 calories is about right for a snack, but finding something that comes in at or just under that number isn’t always easy. Unless a food comes with a handy nutrition label, knowing how many calories one serving can have could present a challenge—is that a large apple (110 calories) or a medium apple (90 calories)? And how much are you tacking on if you scoop out a tiny bit more than 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (188 calories)?

To get a better sense of portion sizes, WiseGeek (wisegeek.com) created a smart series of photos showing exactly what 200 calories looks like for 71 different foods and put them in order from low-calorie to high-calorie density.

Why did they choose 200 calories? According to WiseGeek, “We could have chosen any amount of Calories for this project, but we wanted something that gave tangible volumes for the entire range of items. We felt that 100 Calories of butter or oil would have yielded diminutive portion sizes; on the other hand 500 Calories of celery would have been virtually incomprehensible.”

While the portion sizes are all perfectly relative to each other, they didn’t factor in the nutritive value of each food item—peanut butter, for example, is loaded with protein and healthy fats. Still, the list is eye-opening, and it could help you make a better choice at your next meal or snack.