What is a Health Coach?


If you are thinking “what the heck is a health coach?” you aren’t alone! As new trends pop up in the health and fitness field it is hard to understand what each one offers.

A Health Coach, also referred to as a Wellness Coach, is a supportive mentor who empowers clients to take responsibility for their health and to begin to make positive lifestyle choices. Health Coaches support clients to implement and sustain lifestyle changes that contribute to the achievement of their personal wellness goals. Some common topics where a Health Coach may help a client include weight management, understanding your relationship with food, improving personal relationships , stress management, increasing energy, reducing mental fatigue, improving sleep quality, and examining self-sabotaging habits, just to name a few.

While a physician’s role with a patient tends to be authoritative, the role of a Health Coach is a motivating  partner  to their clients. A Health Coach does not take the place of a medical doctor; rather they serve as a missing link, the patient guide, that helps develop planning to execute real, lasting lifestyle changes. A Health Coach does not diagnose, treat, or take responsibility for bringing about wellness changes in a client’s life. Rather they guide and support client driven wellness goals.

Health Coaches work in many settings and can provide general wellness and nutrition information, recommendations, guidance, and motivation to assist clients in establishing a healthier lifestyle.

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